“Sonya was my personal trainer for 4 months. It was a privilege to work with her, and with her guidance I was able to lose 25 lbs. Her workouts were no joke- she's tough, but fair. She pushed me to reach my full potential, and I felt so proud of myself every time I succeeded at something I thought I couldn't do! An essential part of her services was the nutritional counseling. She helped me to plan menus based on my personal likes and dislikes. Additionally, she helped me plan around my many activities so I could avoid the common pitfalls of overeating while out at functions and on the go. I found Sonya to be very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is very dedicated to her clients and is heavily invested in seeing them reach their goals. Her expertise, warm personality, sincerity and professionalism are unparalleled; and I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.”


Dr. A. B.

Lenexa, KS

"Sonya does an outstanding job of motivating and training people to move beyond their fitness and nutritional comfort zones to get the body they want."  T. Edwards

"Sonya Boykin, is very professional, personable and a hands on Personal Trainer. She is sincerely concerned about the well-being of her clients. She listens very attentively to their (clients') goals and aspirations. She designs a plan specifically and uniquely for them. She checks in with you weekly and makes sure you are being accountable to your goals. During the time that I trained with Sonya, I made rapid weight loss progress. Sonya Boykin is an awesome person and Personal Trainer!"

Stephanie Allen Moore
Certified Professional Life Coach

"I thought I was pretty far along on the way to reaching my optimum level of fitness, but Sonya's coaching and personal training program has shown me how much further I can go. My vision has expanded beyond where I thought it could be and in just 6 months my health and fitness level has improved tremendously! The techniques and knowledge that I have always ignored, I can now see the benefits. What a great feeling to be in control on my health!"
 M. Young

"Sonya Boykin takes personal training to a whole new level. She exceeded my expectations, especially with regard to the personal care she took to see that I had all of the tools and nutritional aids I needed to work towards my goals. Her follow up, attention to details, and genuine concern for her clients sets her

apart from others in this field."   Gwen Grant


I appreciate Sonya's positive attitude and humor she brings to our training sessions.  Humor in that she always has a smile and she enjoys her clients; that in no way means she is easy on me - it serves to motivate me and her plans are very thorough as well as difficult to complete.  I have had numerous trainers and Sonya's workouts are the most well rounded and non-repetitive; with Sonya, I know I am getting a benefit and value for the cost of the training.      Craig Ritter

Sonya Boykin is one of the most encouraging, engaging and knowledgeable professional trainers I've worked with in the last 15 years. She gives you 200% and is emotionally as well as physically present at every session.    Mark Hayes

Sonya was great! I was aprehensive about using a personal trainer initially as I have some limitations due to a bad knee. Sonya was able to provide workouts around my limitations and I felt much stronger and leaner after my sessions with her. Sonya really listens and has expectations of her clients without pushing them into injurious situations. I highly recommend her!

Jess McCarthy


The first time I met Sonya, I instantly realized that being a personal trainer is Sonya’s passion! Sonya starts each of our sessions with a big smile and her clipboard that holds the workout she created specifically for me.
I began training with Sonya in small group sessions, where the focus was toning and general fitness. Now, Sonya and I are training together in one-on-one sessions with the focus of strength training. Sonya’s knowledge and experience with strength training – from workouts to nutrition and supplements - helped me achieve results in less than 6 months that I am very proud of:

* One-armed Dumbbell Rows: started at xx pounds, now rowing 50 pounds

* Bicep Curls: started at xx pounds, now curling 55 pounds

* Bench Press: started at 40 pounds, now lifting 135 pounds

* Deadlifts: started at xx pounds, now at 155 pounds

* Squats: started at xxx pounds, now squatting 245 pounds


In addition to Sonya’s knowledge, her encouragement and coaching on each lift definitely made it possible for me to achieve these results. I especially LOVE the high-fives and whoot-whoos! after completing a good lift!
And Sonya’s encouragement, support and friendship reach beyond the gym! While I was competing in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, Sonya text messaged me inspiring words! Sonya also text messages me wishing me happy holidays! And Sonya is so incredibly flexible - whenever I have a conflict whether it be a work meeting or a family gathering, she kindly reschedules my session.
My time with Sonya is ALWAYS the highlight of my day!
Sarah Murphy-Owen


I am 24 years old and have been overweight and self conscious about it to some degree my whole life. I had a car accident years ago that caused me to get a herniated disc in my low back causing lots of muscle weakness and strain and occasional sciatic nerve pain. It could be much worse, but I got tired of relying on meds and a physical therapist from time to time and decided to take action and try to fix the problem without having to get surgery. I refused to have surgery for something that I thought could be worked out naturally by doing exercise and eating better to lose weight and take the pressure off that area. So I chose to start with a personal trainer and get all kinds of benefits, not just only to strengthen my weak back muscles, but to also help me accomplish the vision of who I want to be for the rest of my life. I am a full time dental student with a rigorous course schedule having about 25 credit hours a semester. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle in January of this year and joined MJ Fitness to have a personal trainer. My first semester of dental school I gained 15 lbs. Ever since I have been working with Sonya, I have lost that plus about 10 more and I've been training for 5 months now. She has worked with me so well on my nutrition and is continually finding new and fun ways for me to workout. With having to be in professional school at the same time, I feel that I have had a major success so far on this journey to my end goal. I'm not done yet, but it's exciting to see the great progress and to be given compliments from my family and friends about the way I'm looking now. I have also served as a good role model to my friends and now they are more aware of what they eat. Its not a diet, its a lifestyle change.


Korey Still,

Dental Stundet

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